Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas catch-up

Fish Fed well. Backwashed filter and topped up sump. Cleaned risers. Watered Chrysanthemums with approx. 500l from outside Reservoir. All well!
Will rent Oxygen tank and 'fish' grade oxygen for 2007- firstly to transport Australian Bass to Raymond Terrace and then for fish transport and care throughout 2007.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Preparing for Christmas

Cleaned ARC. Securely stored all equipment. Backwashed system- Reservoir now holding 1000l. Topped up sump. Fish all well- continued draining Tanks 6 & 7.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Yr9 AT were impressive in their work at the ARC today... mulching was applied to the Chrysanthemum garden/s. Water that has been used in the recirculation (fish farm) was backwashed and dumped to the outside resovoir then syphoned & bucketed onto the garden/s. Australian Bass fed well, Yabbies transfered from Yabbie Tank 7 to Aquarium 3. Tank 6 syphoned/drained to outside grass. 2 computers have been setup in the ARC LAB initially to test our WebCam (WETCAM) to monitor the ARC and Fish. Thanks to all student for a great days work... there will be a little extra in your presents from Santa this year- well a can of coca-cola!


Hosed (using tank water) the inside of the ARC. Swept gravel and rocks from doorway. Continued to drain Tanks 6 & 7 (Yabbie Tank)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Trout Fingerling Order

Hi guys
Wadalba Community School would like to place an order for 300 Rainbow Trout Fingerlings for late March pick-up. We run an aquaculture education research centre within the school with commercial quality recirculation equipment.
Our recirculation water temps are expected to be suitable for the introduction of Trout fingerlings during March/April.
We will phone to arrange pick-up and use our own container and oxygen to transport the fingerlings back to Wadalba. I will arrange a cheque to be drawn by the school to pay at pick-up.
Thanks... let's hope that we don't get high temps. like Jan/Feb 2006.
If you need to contact me during school holiday time please use my Mobile: xxxxxxxxxx


Glenn, Re your inquiry regarding 300 Trout fingerlings from the hatchery.
We can't guarantee there will be any fingerlings left by late March as it is quite late in the season. We do not take orders as such as we don't know how many fish we will have at that time, depending on the weather etc. The cost would be $49.50 per 100 Any further enquiries please ring the hatchery 0267759139
Regards, Helen Foster
Clerical Officer