Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Sunday, June 26, 2005

Feed and Clean 26/6/05

All fish thriving. Testing Silver Perch to move from dust/crumble to specific Silver Perch food- 1mm pellet.
Stimulating Bass with Blood Worm- found fish NOT excited by pellets?

Trout gorging themselves and growing rapidly. Have order Trout feed, will hopefully pick-up this week.

Siphoned sump and tanks T3-5 to remove faeces etc.

The 'big' clean has made it easy to ensure best conditions for all fish.

Tidied new cupboard and stored Datalogger, chemicals etc.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

NSW Aquaculture Peak Body

NSW Aquaculture Peak Body
The meeting to consider the formation of an aquaculture peak body for NSW took place at the NSW Fisheries Port Stephens Facility on Saturday the 25th June at 10.00 am.
This is a crucial time for aquaculture in NSW. The aquaculture industry in NSW needs a “voice” to promote what is the sensible use of natural resources.
Land based aquaculture is still in its infancy due to a lack of incentives , and the excess of “red tape”. Much of this is directly due to the public perception of aquaculture and what constitutes “sustainable industry”. The P.B. needs to urgently address these and other issues.
There are already a lot of good people involved in the aquaculture industry in NSW.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Cleaned Floor

To ensure proper hygiene the floor of the ARC was hosed.

Total Clean

We have developed a set of instructions to clean the recirculation system. Student tested the instructions today.
Full Clean and Maintenance.
· Turn off all Shut Off Valves from Tanks 1-5
· Pump will drain the sump storing additional water in all Tanks. *Be careful that Tanks do not overflow.
· When water falls below the ‘Sump to Pump’ outlet turn pump off. Do not run pump dry.
· Siphon fish faeces and excess food from the bottom of Tanks 1-5 to a bucket/s. Use this water to water Chrysanthemums (good nutrient value for plants).
· Remove the Riser from Tank 1 (large Trout) and use the hose spray with town water to completely rinse and clean riser. * Be careful to not spill contents of Riser when taking it out of tank. Rub and remove any algae from the Riser.
· Use the Riser from Tank 1 to replace the Riser in Tank 2 (small fingerling Silver Perch) so as not to allow fingerlings to enter drain pipe. * Be careful to not spill contents of Riser when taking it out of tank.
· Use the hose spray with town water to completely rinse and clean riser. Replace Riser in Tank 1
· Remove the Riser from Tank 3, then Tank 4, then Tank 5 and use the hose spray with town water to completely rinse and clean risers. * Be careful to not spill contents of Riser when taking it out of Tank. Rub and remove any algae from the Riser.
· Turn Off the Sump to Pump valve
· Turn the handle on the filter to Close. This will prevent the filter water emptying from the Filter Basket.
· Remove the screw lid from the Filter Basket and empty and wash the basket with hose spray and town water. Replace basket after checking ‘O’ ring.
· Lay the pool filter hose across floor from Sump to outside roller door and down the side of the ARC.
· Remove Sump Drain Cap and balance pool hose in mouse of Sump Drain.
· Open the Sump Drain Valve and drain sump.
· Use town water and hose spray to ensure all excess food, faeces etc. is removed from Sump through the pool hose.
· Close Sump Drain Valve, replace cap.
· Begin to fill Sump with Rainwater Tank Water- will take approx 15-20 mins.
· Open all Tank Shut-Off Valves. This will return excess tank water to Sump.
· Open Sump to Pump Valve
· Turn handle on Filter to Backwash. When sump has at least 6 metal cage divisions start pump.
· Watch filter bulb to determine when backwashed water turns clear. Approx 1 minute?
· Turn Off pump
· Turn handle on Filter to Rinse. Run for approx. 10 seconds. Turn pump off.
· Turn handle to Filter. Turn pump on. You will need to turn pump off if sump runs dry. Continue filling Sump with Rainwater.
· Water level in Sump should balance out to 4 metal cage divisions.
· Do not leave until balance is achieved and sustained.

Water Test 24/6/05

pH 6.5
Conductivity .48
Water Temp 13.6
Air temp 17.10

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Wyong Councillors visit ARC

Wyong Councillors- Mr Bob Graham amd Mr Neil Rose visited the ARC today. They were so impressed with our school community development that they have promised to return with the all councillors in the near future.

Photos of Feeders used in USA Recirculation Systems taken by Mr Godwin during his recent trip.

Wyong Councillors Visit ARC *Photo Bob Graham

Monday, June 20, 2005

Maintenance 20/6/05

Team Responsibility
1 Siphoned Tanks removed excess feed and faeces?
2 Water Test?
3 Feed Fish?
4 Move Cupbaord into LAB/Dismantle Carboard/Waxed Boxes and stack?
5 Stored hose?

Water Test 20/6/05

ARC Air Temp: 19.7
Lab Air Temp: 20.1
Tank 1-5: 14.8
Aquarium 1: 20.7
Aquarium 2: 19.6
Aquarium 3: 14.4
Tank 1-5: 6.8
Aquarium 1: 6.8
Aquarium 2: 6.9
Tank 1-5: 0 .48
Acquarium 1: 0.28
Aquarium 2: 0.97
Acquarium 3: 1.22

New Recirculation System Donated

Thanks to MPGFish of Mt Penang Gardens Kariong (Paul Kelly) for the donation of a new recirculation System.
2 * 1000l CIBA Tanks, Biofilter, Pump and plumbing. The system will be installed into the ARC and used in preparation for a Spring Spawn of Silver Perch.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Water Test 17/6/05

pH 6.9
Conductivity .49
Water Temp 14.4
Air temp 15.30

Thursday, June 16, 2005

OH&S & the ARC

Our first priority is to ensure the safety of all those that enter the ARC. Students, Staff and Visitors.
We have:
- fitted a Fire Extinguisher
- fitted locks to the fridge and freezer and designated the fridge as a chemical store- no human food or drink
- relocated a cupboard which will also be classified as a chemical store and secure store for equipment
- placed signs to notify users of the ARC about the risk of electrocution, slipping, tripping etc. and safe practices that should be followed
- all lessons in MS and MAT underpin OH&S issues, especially those that are unique to the water environments that we work and learn in/near.

* need to source appropriate ‘pool’ signs for resuscitation etc. to be mounted in the ARC. If you have any other ideas please leave a comment.

Water Test 16/6/05

pH 6.8
Conductivity .51
Water Temp 15.5
Air temp 14.2

Class Act (Yr9 AT)

Allocated management teams had different responsibilities again.
Team 6- Water Testing
Team 5- Feeding (including coffee grinding)
Teams 1-4 Construction of BioFilter Socks

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Feeding Frenzy

The Trout have increased considerably in their food consumption rate and size. We will need to look into a further purchase of similar food. The Silver Perch are also thriving with the ‘dust/crumble’ produced with the help of the coffee grinder. The Bass are feeding but are not showing the same enthusiasm for their feed.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Routine Maintenance 13/6/05

Cleaned Risers
Siphoned excess food and faeces from bottom of T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, A3
Backwashed Filter & Rinsed
Water Test including Ammonia & Nitrate
Topped up Tanks 1-5 with rainwater, A2, A3 with T1 water
Added 120gms salt to A2 (possible disease??)
Added 250gms salt & 250 gms of Bicarb Soda to sump (T1-T5)
Fed Fish

*All fish doing extremely well.

Water Test 13/6/05

pH 6.6
Conductivity .42
Water Temp 16.6
Air temp 17.10
Ammonia .25
Nitrate 5.0

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Trout Grower Food

Trout Grower Food was originally purchased from Ridley Aqua-Feed Narangba Qld.
It is a 4mm pellet containing:
Crude Protein 43%
Crude Fat 26%
Crude Fibre 1.33%

It was purchased in 25KG bags @ $60.00 from Radley's Rural Supplies- no longer sell

Friday, June 10, 2005

400 Silver Perch

400 Silver Perch fingerlings to T2. Used 'coffee grinder' to produce powder/crumble for new fish. Fish on Agistment from Mt Penang Gardens- MPGFish. Purchased from UARAH Fisheries, Grong Grong NSW. Fish transported in cardboard boxes. Excellent service.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Biofilter 'Socks'

We are introducing Biofilter 'Socks' (plastic fruit and veg bags) to hold the filter medium/material. Up to 20 socks- 1m * 20cm will be filled with filter material and then inserted into our Biofilter. We will experiment with other medium including cleaned oyster shells.

Filter Backwash and rinse today. Replenished water with Tank water approx. >100l. Concerns over lack of rain to replenish rainwater tank.

All fish thriving.

Monday, June 06, 2005

New Arrivals

As part of our industry relationship we accepted delivery of 92 Australian Bass at 12.30pm. These have been placed in T5. A small number 5-6 very small fish were placed in A3.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Routine Maintenance 5/6/05

Cleaned Risers
Flushed T1, T2
Siphoned bottom of T3, T4, T5
Backwashed Filter
Flushed and cleaned sump
Hosed floor of ARC
Replaced 1/5 20% of water in A1, A2, A3, A4
Water Test
Topped up Tanks 1-5 with rainwater
Fed Fish

Water Test 5/6/05

pH 6.8
Conductivity .24
Water Temp 16.0
Air temp 17.7

Health and Disese Prevention

Established a 'salt bucket'. To be used to dip all equipment eg. nets to eliminate transfer of disease, pathogens etc. Purple Bucket. Please dip equipment after and before use.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Water Test 3/6/05

pH 6.6
Conductivity .24
Water Temp 14.9
Air temp 13.5

Trout Grading Complete

Growth of Trout expected to increase rapidly after grading, espicially Small and Medium sized fish.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Agist Fish- Mt Penang Gardens Project

An industry relationship has been developed through the CCAF (Central Coast Aquaculture Foundation) between Mt Penang Parklands/Gardens and Wadalba Community School Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC).

The ARC will develop an Aquaculture Management Plan for the Gardens with the goal to supply the park with a range of species grown in the ARC to restock the dams/wetlands.
An assessment will also be done to provide advice on improvements to the current Kariong facility to improve growth and survival of current and future aquaculture species.

Involvement will begin immediately with:
100 Bass (70 mm to 120 mm) from Mt Penang will be transported to the ARC facility on Monday afternoon 6/6/05.

20 Murray Cod (120 > 150 mm) from Mt Penang will be transported to the ARC facility on Monday afternoon 6/6/05.

400 Silver Perch fingerlings (50 > 80 mm) from Mt Penang will be transported to the ARC facility on Friday Morning 10/6/05.

These will be grown out and then returned to Kariong.

Water Test 2/6/05

pH 7.0
Conductivity .24
Water Temp 14.6
Air temp 16.5

Trout Grading Commenced

Grading and counting of Trout commenced. Trout will be graded into 3 sizes- small, medium and large. Grading is essential to enable all trout to grow to their potential.
Trout currently in T1 & T2 will be graded into Small T3, Medium T4 and Large T5. Trout will then be returned to Large T1, Medium T2.
Reduction of stress is vital- stress, physical damage and handling (mucus) could cause short term and medium term deather to fish.