Monday, February 20, 2006

What is the secret ingredient?

Water from our reservoir used to water Chrysanthemums (Management Team 2/3).
When the recirculation system is backwashed we loose approx 100l which is stored in the external reservoir. This water is 'rich' in nutrients and we also add a secret ingredient- Wadalba Worm Wee (WWW) from the Worm Farm. The 100l of lost water is replaced with rainwater from our tank.
System Backwashed (Management Team 1), Worm Farm readied for castings to be removed (Joel), ARC swept (thanks guys), Aquariums in LAB filled, Mulberry Tree watered by siphoning water from Tank 6 (we were a bit worried the Mulberry tree which has lost leaves and the ground is very dry).

Thursday, February 16, 2006

**Wadalba ARC 2006 Fish Futures Announced**

Special Trout Fish Futures will be released soon!

We need ‘investors’ to buy fish futures NOW which will give us money to purchase and feed the fish until November (Harvest time). The FF investor will NOT get their fish until almost 8 months after they pay for them. So what’s in it for the investor?
- special privilages, visit the farm to see their fish grow
- they need to trust us or have a contract (Fish Future Certificate) that assures them they will get their product
- Charge a discount price now that is WELL BELOW the expected price in November!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Going Potty?

Chrysanthemums were shipped from Queensland last Wednesday night... however they only arrived Monday! We were beginning to worry as temps have been warm to hot. They not only survived but were in excellent condition.
Our team of experts including Bec, Meegan and Corey were assisted by our NEW recruits Rachel & Alexis and we managed to pot half the Chrysies using 10 25l bags of organic compost/potting mix. The remaining plants will be potted by Yr10 & Yr9 AT class Wednesday.
* Bec and Meegan have run the project since 2002 and now that they are in Yr12 they are training Yr7 volunteers to become the next 'flower people'.
(photos to come)

Monday, February 06, 2006

Planning for 2006

Chrysanthemums: February through to mothers day
Lettuce: plan, construct, secure hydroponics etc.
Trout: Easter (when water temp has dropped to <16) through to November
Pumpkins: August
Herbs: September

Now: Refill/Test and ready aquariums
Eels, Porters Crteek Yabbie, Frogs, Worms etc.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Clean, Feed and Check

Tanks 3-5. Cleaned Risers, Backwashed and Rinsed Filter, Cleaned Filter Basket added 200l of tank water to system to replace backwash. All Bass well.
Risers and bottom of tanks particularly dirtywith scum/algae?