Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cold Water? Not for Trout! 17C

Using Data loggers we tested water temperature within the tanks in the ARC. 17C chilly... Naaa NOT for Trout. Trout die at 24C and although 17C is a good temperature we have seen in the past that feeding and activity increase under 15C.
Did we tell you that our Trout arrive this weekend?

FREE @ Last- Mussels

After 12 weeks Australian Freshwater Mussels have maintained the individual pond water CLEAR NO Algae!

The Mussels have been retrned to the main tank. We will now observe the changes that may take place in each of the individual (Mussel less) ponds.

We expect that now our natural filters have been removed that we will see Algae growth???

Monday, May 11, 2009

Is it really a 'Life Cycle' if we eat all the Trout?

And you thought it would be simple?

  • egg (green eggs and ham, eyed egg,
    hatching egg)
  • alevins- (newly hatched, incompletely developed fishes still in nest or inactive on bottom, living off stored yolk)
  • fry
  • fingerlings
  • 'portion size', mature male,
    mature female, normal lifespan
EAT 'em!!!