Friday, September 30, 2005

Fence Repaired- thanks Dave

Summary of Weather Conditions for September

Norah Head
Total Rainfall: 54mm
Temperature MEAN: Low 12.3 Max 20.2
* September

* October

Yard Maintenance

Lawns mowed- looks great! Thanks Dave
Fence panel 'kicked in'???

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Clean and Maintenance 29/9/05

Constructed rope protection to draw net towards centre of tank to prevent Trout from escaping.
Backwashed, corrected water flow.
AutoFeeder working well. All fish fed well. Worms to Australian Bass, Murray Cod

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

AutoFeed Activated

Mr Godwin has completed the digital timing to enable the trout to be fed over a 24 hr period. :-)Photos to come...

1 Trout Jumped- Dead :-(
1 Silver Perch A7- Dead :-(

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Clean and Feed

T3 & T4 have been isolated from the recirculation system; brushed clean, riser removed and recirculation stopped awaiting arrival of new fish. Tanks have found a balance in height aligned with the height of gravity drain pipes to sump.
The LAB has been cleaned and all fish fed well. Australian Bass and Murray Cod are feeding well on garden worms from our Worm Farm/s.

*Added 250g of Salt to Sump to restore salinity/conductivity.
2 Fish Dead A3 :-(. Fish were added from home aquarium on 23/9/05

Ordered & RFQ for Equipment

Ordered Tagging Gun, Replacement Needle and Tags + Probiotic Bacteria Sources for BioFilter/s from Aquasonic.

Probiotic Bacteria Disease Prevention Treatment. Chemical Free. Copper Free. Drug Free.
Helps Control White Spot, Aeromonas spp., Vibrio spp., Velvet and Fungus infections.
ProBio-Plus is a new concept in disease prevention, containing natural probiotic bacteria,
which help beneficial microbes control water quality. Probiotic bacteria are sometimes called
"protector" bacteria. Probiotic bacteria create a hostile environment for harmful pathogenic
bacteria, which cause disease. They do this by competing for the same food sources.

Requested quotes for:
  • Ultraviolet Water Purification
  • Foam Fractionator
Will advise decision soon.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Born FREE! Tagging our Silver Perch

Our Silver Perch is returning back to MPG Fish (Kariong) for the Central Coast Community Chest- Fishathon. 'Perchy' will be the top prize for the weekend! We were going to call him 'Parrot' because he hangs around perches??? No animals were harmed in this tagging exercise.

The data will assist us in developing a Management Plan for the Mount Panang Gardens and information on movement patterns, growth rates, and seasonal variations. As scientists or anglers, we need answers. Without them, we will never manage our fisheries successfully.

*** Photos to be published in local paper. We will scan and add to the Blog.

  • Use a water soaked cloth/cloth glove when handling the fish so it won't remove the fish's protective slime. Don't hold the fish by the gills or eyes.
    The less you handle the fish, the better the chances of the fish surviving.
  • Have tag applicator loaded and in a handy spot before you start.
  • Lay the fish on the right side to tag and measure.
  • Insert the tag as close to the dorsal fin as possible. Anchor the tag between the vertebrae and dorsal fin spines. The tag should be inserted so the streamer slants toward the tail of the fish. Tug lightly on the streamer to insure a snug fit.
  • Record all information on our data sheets provided (length, date, time, location, etc.) Also record any observations of the fish health or the general procedure.
    To release the fish gently place in water, supporting mid section and tail until it swims away. An exhausted fish can be resuscitated by gently moving it back and forth in the water, forcing water through its gills.
  • Periodically clean tagging and venting tools with alcohol or bleach.

I can see clearly now the algae has gone! Glass Clean

Used Magnetic cleaner to clean all glass Aquariums... A1, A2, A3, A4, A7
Prepared A2 ready for new fish.
Fish fed well.
A7 Silver Perch feeding GREAT! Corey is looking after this Aquarium and the fish. We think the Perch may have eaten the Yabbies?
Silver Perch transported to MPG Fish for Central Coast Community Chest. Bye Bye 'Perchy'.
Backwashed system.
Tanks T3 & T4 no fish... empty and clean ready for next shipment.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Full Clean and Maintenance 25/9/05

Cleaned (Brushed) & Rinsed: Risers & Filter Basket
Removed debris and excess food from bottom of Tanks 1-5
Backwashed Filter (big), Rinsed and Repeated
Removed riser from T3 (all Trout have been transfered to T1 see earlier Blog entry) Brushed Cleaned inside of T3... removed T3 from Recirculation System until needed.
Changed 30% of water in Aquarium 1 & 2
Changed 30% of water in A7 (Foyer). Used water from T6.
Tidied ARC and LAB
Feed all fish including Silver Perch A7
Purchased Worms for WF1 (Worm Farm 1) & WF2 (Worm Farm 2)
Rainwater Tank just over 33% full... need rain.
Moved building materials from ARC to ARC Grounds.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Quick Clean and Feed 24/9/05

Quick Backwash and Rinse
Topped up water in Sump

* All fish doing well.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Tanks 1-5 pH

The pH of the tanks is 5.5 (average across 1 - T5). 1kg of bi-carb added to the sump.
Average temperature is 16.7 degrees & conductivity 1.36.
It has been a very warm Winter and 'hot' Spring.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Classwork 22/9/05

Complete all 'N' gradings
Complete brochures
Continue with mini projects (Blog) etc
Calculate times for autofeeder/s to deliver set quantity of feed per 24 hrs period

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Water Testing 20/9/05

Today's water testing:

Temp pH Conductivity
15.9 6.2 1.35

8 20.1 1.46

8 20.1 1.56

7.7 15.8 1.36

Monday, September 19, 2005

Maintenance 19/9/05


  • Transfered remaining Trout to T1
  • Collected samples of AutoAquafeeder to compare against initial sample weight
  • Fitted plastic baskets under benches to prevent water damage
  • Removed all pots and potting mix to science 'glsshouse' to pot herbs for summer sale
  • Removed rubbish from against neigbours fence line outside gate
  • fed live worms to Australian Bass

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Rainfall Summary for Norah Head

Rainfall Summary for Norah Head September...
6.... 1.8mm
9.... 0.2mm
10.. 0.2mm
11.. 0.2mm
17.. 14.2mm
TOTAL 40.6mm

* Wadalba can experience vastly different recordings- we are reconfiguring our PC based Weather Station.

Weather Report

Automatic Weather Station Name: Norah Head
Date Time(AEST) 4.40pm 17/9/05
Temp(deg C): 16.6
Rain since 9am(mm): 0

Clean and Feed 17/9/05

All fish fed well. Murray Cod starting to show significant growth. Hoping to move to 'real' worms for Australian Bass soon, fed with Blood Worm, they need good quality live food to really push them on.

Wadalba Community School ARC to assist in TAGGING of fish for MPG Fish, Community Chest Fishout Day. Our Industry Partnership is significant in a WIN WIN WIN relationship.

Backwashed sump, topped with Tank water. Very small amount of rain added small increase in rainwater tank.

Friday, September 16, 2005

A7 Water Test

A7 (Located in Foyer to School) contains 12 Silver Perch

pH: 7.2
Temp: 21.0
Conductivity: .63

Maintenance & Classwork 16/9/05

Weight of Trout Pellets/Food
- a single release with Autofeed produced approx. 6.4g of pellets (we will need to obtain multiple readings and average out the weight to better determine flow).
A plastic container of Trout pellets weighs approx. 358.5g
* Measured with a Triple Beam Balance (see diagram)

Filled AutoFeeder with Trout Pellets
Filled feed containers in fridge.
Fed Australian Bass/Murray Cod Blood Worms (Midge Larvae) it!
Fed Porter's Creek Yabbies A4 (will move some to A7 to help clean excess food)
Fed Silver Perch fingerlings
Work on DTP brochures continued.
Fed and tested water of A7 (school foyer) Silver Perch feeding well. Water Test results to follow.
Changed water in A1, A2

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Maintenance and Installation of 'AutoFeed'

Initially an AutoFeed was placed over T1 & T2. The T2 feeder has been moved to T1 to support Trout growth. Automatic Feeders will, in the future provide feed to T1, T2 & T3.
Backwashed Filter and Checked Flow through Biofilter.
Water is clearing as Biofilter assists in cleaning.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

New Worm Farm

A 'Can of Worms' Worm Farm was added to the ARC. Many native fish eg. Murray Cod, Australian Bass and Yellowbelly etc. are difficult to move from natural 'live' feed to commercial pellets. The Worm Farms purchased, and others build by students will supply food to our native fish. Worms Farms and Household Composting will hopefully generate income to support Aquaculture at our school.

Water Testing 14/9/05

The pH of the Tanks 1-5 is 6.7.
No addition of bi-carb.

Today's water testing:
Temp pH Conductivity
A1 20.4 8.6 1.5
A2 14.4 8.2 < 0.01
A4 14.6 8.3 1.3
*A7 xx xx xx
T1-5 15.7 6.7 1.36

* A7 cludy filter needs clean all Silver Perch doing well.
** Water Exchange (50%) required in A1, A2, A4 to lower pH, Salt Level (indicated by conductivity). Need to prepare A2 for fish.

Visit to Wadalba by the NSW Board of Vocational Education and Training

Members of NSW BVET were keen to see Wadalba Community School’s unique and innovative programs, and to talk to students, staff and Plan-It-Youth Mentors. Photos coming soon...
BVET Board members
Mr Bert Evans, AO, Chairman
Dr Paolo Totaro, AM
Mrs Kay Sharp, AM
Mr Kevin Power
Ms Linda Simon

In attendance
Mr David Collins
Mr David Michaels
Mr Steven Norden
Mr Richard Cooke
Mr Lance Godwin
Mr Glenn Mullaney

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Routine Clean

No more feeding for remainder of week!

Rinsed Risers. Backwashed Filter, Cleaned Filter Basket, Drained and Rinsed Sump.
Scrubbed T2-5 with new yard broome to remove algae.
Increased flow through biofilter/s to remove debris.
Transfered 1 * Australian Bass to Aquarium 2 (A2) showing signs of distress.
Tidied ARC and Lab

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Central Coast Aquaculture Foundation

Wadalba Community School is a member of the CCAF and fully supports their Mission Statement, Objectives and Goals.

The Central Coast Aquaculture Foundation was set up under the direction of industry to facilitate cluster groups similar to the hydroponics industry as a major area of potential employment growth in our region.
To achieve the required aquaculture industry growth, the Business Central Coast, in consultation with the region’s existing aquaculture industry players, NSW Fisheries, Councils & Indigenous People, has set up a steering committee to develop a sustainable strategy for Aquaculture on the Central Coast.
Mission Statement: To develop, promote & protect a sustainable aquaculture industry for the benefit of all stakeholders & the environment.

  • Increase public awareness of the rapidly declining aquatic life and develop methods to overcome these issues.
  • Encourage the development of native fish species hatcheries for restocking public waterways.
  • To generate new business and jobs in Aquaculture Industry on the Central Coast.
  • To develop training opportunities.

The goal of the Central Coast Aquaculture Foundation is:

  • To increase Job Opportunities and Production through the Aquaculture Industry for the Central Coast.

Wadalba Community School can support this through the provision of:

  • exemplar commercial aquaculture setup
  • Best practice policy and procedures in Aquaculture
  • Research and Innovation in Aquaculture
  • Stimulating achievement of Seafood Industry Competencies by students and the community through links with TAFE delivered courses.

A7 (Aquarium 7) Stocked with Silver Perch

Silver Perch, from Graham Norling (Crystal) added to A7. Fish transported from Taree. On display in Office Foyer.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Water Testing

Friday 9 Sept.
pH below 5.0
One kg of bicarb added to sump.

Water Testing

The pH of the tanks was under 5.0
One kg of bicarb was added to the sump.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Aquarium 7 (School/Office Entry)

Aquarium 7 (A7) located in foyer exchanged 50% of water with ARC recirculation water.
Used discarded water for trees adjacent to school entry.
Cleaned glass, vacuumed bottom of tank ready for fish on Saturday.
Light source adjusted to be on between 7.00am and 3.00pm.

Tracking Down Gambusia, Mosquitofish

Have you seen this fish species. We are mapping the distribution of this noxious/introduced FROG and FISH KILLER! If you have seen this pest (fish) please let us know.

What is Gambusia, Mosquitofish

Gambusia holbrooki Girard, 1859
The Eastern Gambusia can be recognised by its dorsally flattened head, small, upturned mouth, large eyes, rounded tail and single dorsal fin.
It is green to brown on the back, grey with a bluish sheen on the sides and silvery-white on the belly.
Adult females are much larger than males. The female grows to 60 mm in length and often has a black mark on the side of the belly above the vent. Males grow to 35 mm and have a large gonopodium. This structure (clearly visible in both images) is formed by the thickened anal fin rays, and is used for sperm transfer to the female.
The Eastern Gambusia is native to the rivers of south-eastern America, but was introduced into Australia in the 1920s. Its reputation as a mosquito eater is responsible for one of its common names, Mosquitofish. In Australia, however the Eastern Gambusia appears no more effective at controlling mosquito populations than native fishes.
Its wide range of food items include ants, flies, aquatic bugs and beetles.
This species is now widespread in fresh coastal and inland waters of New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. It is also recorded from coastal drainages of Queensland and parts of the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Construction Complete 8/9/05

Thanks to the Yr9 Construction 'Crew' the boardwalk is now complete.

* Trout Transfer almost complete from Tank 3 to Tank 1.
** New 1000l tank cleaned, positioned and filled awaiting new fish
*** Signage positioned on Tank 6

Yard cleaned and rubbish removed
Netting around T1 secured.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Full Clean and Maintenance 7/9/05

Rinsed Risers
Removed debris and excess food from bottom of Tanks 1-5
Backwashed/Rinsed Filter
Rinsed/Cleaned Sump
Rinsed Filter Basket
Rinsed new shade cloth for biofilter
Cleaned/Rinsed Biofilter material from Biofilter 3
Added Oyster Shells and new shade cloth to Biofilter 1 and 2

Changed 30% of water in Aquarium 1
Tidied ARC and LAB
Labelled Aquarium 5 & 6
Labelled Tank 7

Rainwater Tank is half full after weekend rain... see Bureau of Meteorology for details.

** Construction Class almost finished boardwalk to protect plumbing behind tanks. Thanks Guys!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Fish Fed by John, Nick, Corey & Jermaine

Fish Fed by John, Nick, Corey & Jermaine. Tanks 1 & 2 look dirty- food on bottom of tanks.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Weather Report Monday 5/9/05

Automatic Weather Station Name: Norah Head
Date Time(AEST) Sunday 5/9/05
Temp(deg C): 10.2 Min 15.8 Max
Rain (mm): 9.6

Fish Fed by John & Mitchell

Mr Godwin Fed fish in morning. Fish fed in afternoon. The fish look fine.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Weather Report Sunday 4/9/05

Automatic Weather Station Name: Norah Head
Date Time(AEST) Sunday 4/9/05
Temp(deg C): 10.8 Min 14.3 Max
Rain (mm): 14.4

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Quick Clean- Syphoned T2 (Tank 2)

Fish fed well. Dust & Crumble used to feed Silver Perch fingerlings in T2 has created some overfeeding waste which needed to be syphoned off.
Backwashed recirculation system to new reservoir- need to note quality of water from backwash as debris settles in reservoir.

Boiling Oyster Shells

Boiling Oyster shells ready for the Biofilter. (Thanks to Karen for putting up with the smell?)