Saturday, April 21, 2007

ARC Working Bee

The rainwater tank holds 10,000l and has 24 corrugations on the outside of the tank. The Rainwater Tank was 6 corrugations from the top ... approx 3/4 full 7,500l before work commenced.
The sump required a topup of 500l, Tanks 3 and 5 were filled (1000l ea) which resulted in our Rainwater Tank now being half full (5,000l). This was considered a reasonable risk as the forecast for rain is of significant percentage.
Chrysanthemums have flowered early and are presenting great colours... we need to take advantage of this and move harvesting and sales NOW!

An experimental water cooler has been designed and engineered and installed by LG. It is hoped that this will extend the Trout (Cold Water Fish) growing season.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Trout arrive from Lithgow

ggwsi50 Rainbow trout were transported from Lithgow- ARCHVALE Trout Farm on Sunday. After acclimatisation fingerlings <10cm>
Slits were cut in the riser to enable suitable water flow while still preventing fish escape.

Photos to follow.