Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Trick Question... Where do our local fish come from?

If you buy from our coop/s then local means local!

Gorokan- Wallarah Rd, Gorokan T: 0243921603
Tacoma- 77 Wolseley Avenue, Tacoma T: 0243532344


Name that FISH?

Is the fish you are buying REALLY the fish you think it is?

Standard fish names ensure:
- accuracy of trade descriptors and labelling
- public and consumer confidence
- efficiency in seafood marketing
- effective fisheries monitoring and management
- sustainability of fisheries resources
- effective traceability and food safety management
- industry viability and profitability


Monday, March 30, 2009

Do'n v's Dun 4-U

The 'perfect' subject to encourage and reward '..do'n..!

When 'most' things are dun for us we get quickly 'bored'. Aquaculture Technology teaches students that do'n is good and can reward us through enjoying hardwork, exercise and accomplishment.
Be a do-er NOT a dun 4-Uer!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Experiments @ the MAD Scientists Lab

Real MAD Science? Not just a guess!

  1. Do Mussels filter water? Yeah we know they do because that's what it says!
  2. How much water can a Mussel filter?
  3. How can we measure Turbidity- clarity of water? Not just I think it's clear?

Our MAD Scientists (Aquaculture) have planned a number of experiments:

  • Exp.2 2 Identical Units... CONTROL... 1 * Pond (No Mussel) + 1 * Pond (1 Mussel). Monitoring/Observing Clarity/Turbidity over time.
  • Exp.3 CONTROL + 1 * Pond (1 Mussel) + 1 * Pond (2 Mussel/s)
  • Exp.4 CONTROL + 1 * Pond (1 Mussel/1l of water) + 1 * Pond (1 Mussel/s/5l of water) + 1 * Pond (1 Mussel/s/10l of water) + 1 * Pond (1 Mussel/s/20l of water)
  • Research into available and invented (they are mad) tools to measure Turbidity/Clarity of water.

After eating the Caviar... are you feel'n a bit Secchi?

* we will bring you updates and photos soon.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

mmmm Fish Eggs (lumpfish roe caviar)

What a subject... Caviar tasting in Marine & Aquaculture Technology? Yeah Right!

Talk about value adding. Caviar, fish eggs are sold at ENORMOUS prices. Caviar was once just from Sturgeon, a type of fish. Most of the fish species that contribute to 'caviar' are from Europe and Russia... however our Sea Mullet are netted from our 'Pelican Beach' by the Rosetti's and along the NSW coast.
The flesh of the Mullet is VERY low value HOWEVER the egg carrying females are 'stripped' of their roe (eggs) which are exported to Japan at a very large value.

Trout roe is also produced in Australia at the company that we source our Rainbow Trout from.
see http://www.rainbowtrout.com.au/products/
Observations were made: sight, smell, feel, taste & texture.
* We tasted the roe/caviar before seeing what a Lumpfish looks like. Poor thing!
Students are encouraged to add comments from their observations of Lumpfish Roe (Caviar).

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ordering our Rainbow Fingerlings

We have used a number of suppliers in past years including:
Nundle, NSW

Archvale Trout Farm
Lithgow, NSW

L P Dutton Trout Hatchery
Ebor, NSW
* We will order approx. 300-400 trout for 2009. Trout have a crical 'high' temperarture of 24C at which they die. Wadalba waits... for our recirculation water temps to settle under 18C???

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

mmm Mussels mmm Leather Jacket

Practical sessions in MAT (Marine & Aquaculture Technology) can utilise; kitchens, Science Labs, Wood Work Rooms, the ARC, etc. This lesson involved discovering the 'Anatomy' of aquaculture species *Mussels & Leather Jacket.
During this lesson students dissected 'Green Lip- Salt Water Mussels' (NZ), Leather Jacket (Tuggerah Lakes) and got to taste marinated mussels & smoked mussels.
The dissection of the Leather Jacket included 'skinning the fish, noting external features and examination for freshness/shelf life.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Moving MORE Water! ... more?

The internal Aquaculture tanks are almost full. With the little rain collected over the past few days we are topping up the tanks ready to start the filters in preparing for fish.

*photos coming soon

Let it RAIN!

Currently- our closest official rain recordings are from Norah Head *just near the lighthouse. This does NOT reflect the 'real' rainfall at Wadalba (WCS).
We do intend to apply for support to construct an official Weather Recording System at the ARC.

Latest Coastal Weather Observations for Norah Head
Saturday 14/3/09... Rain- 0mm
Sunday 15/3/09... Rain- 2.2mm
Total for March *to 15/3/09... 5.8mm


Friday, March 13, 2009

Topping-up water in the 'Ponds'. Work in the ARC!

Big day today... the whole class worked well. Thanks!

The pump had continued pumping water from the rainwater tank for P1-P3. The watertank is now at approx. 1/10 capacity... we need rain
Cody did a great job, with some help to clear the Nth facing gutter of leaves, rocks and rubbish to enable the next rainfall to collect clean roof water to our rainwater tank. The 'first flush' device was explained, cleaned and replaced after we flushed the gutter. The photos below show students topping up their 'Ponds'. Not much water had evaporated, probably due to the lids (even with air holes). Observations of the 'ponds' and Australian Fresh Water Mussels indicate that almost ALL had buried themselves in the gravel. Water is very clear- maybe the mussels are doing their job in purifying the water... getting close to the introduction of Yabbies.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Show us your 'Mussels'

Initial 'Ponds' have been prepared to house Mussels, then Yabbies. Teams are responsible for care, monitoring, feeding and collection of data.
SFIAQUA101A Carry out basic aquaculture operations
SFIAQUA208A Maintain stock culture and other aquaculture operations structures
SFIAQUA206B Handle stock

Drilling- Hi tech. tools for our Hi tech. Aquaculture Facility

One 'Small' breathing hole for Yabbies? One 'Giant' step for mankind!

BCG1005A Use hand and power tools