Monday, May 22, 2006

Education Expo Lake Haven Shopping Centre

Wadalba are show casing their Aquaculture and Art/Photography (Digital) Media to Celebrate Education Week. We featured our expertise in Trout, Australian Bass and Yabbies through live stock displays. This was supported by brochures created by students to explain all areas of our course. A MASSIVE, extremely positive response was shown by the public. All students were exceptional in their communication skills and many comments such as... 'they really know their stuff' were made by visitors to the stand.
* All stock were cared for during the day and every attempt made to reduce the 'stress' of the animals through regular fresh water replacement, aeration and filtering. Stock were returned to the ARC every afternoon and different stock were harvested and transported to Lake Haven every morning. No deaths occurred throughout the week.

** Thanks to 'Pets Paradise' Lake Haven for the loan of 3 aquaria and equipment for the week to display our stock

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Arc-En-Ciel Trout Arrive Safely

100 Rainbow Trout fingerlings arrived safely at the ARC tonight. The Trout originated from Tasmania as fertilised eggs shipped to Hanging Rock via Nundle- Arc-En-Ciel Rainbow Trout Farm and raised in their pristine spring water fed, flow through Trout farm. The fingerlings are approx. <10cm long and will be grown out in our recirculation system. The Trout were packed, oxygenated and chilled for the 3h 30min trip to Wadalba. On arrival the bags of fingerings (25/bag) were acclimatised over a period of approx.40mins and released into Tank 1. 3 Trout were set aside for the Education Expo to be held this week at Lake Haven Shopping Centre. All fish survived the trip and quickly settled into our system.
Big thanks to Russell and Meg.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tank 1 Brought Online

Tank 1 (3300l)has been brought online into the Recirculation system awaiting receipt of Rainbow Trout from Nundle. See previous post. All 5 Tanks are now online, a total of 10.600 litres.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Sourcing Rainbow Trout Fingerlings

Rainbow Trout fingerlings are difficult to source this year! Our usual supplier NSW Fisheries (Ebor) are unable to supply until October 2006. Due to a massive loss of stock during the VERY unseasonal hot days during February. Trout expire at water temps above 24C!

Previous supplies have been sourced from Archvale (Lithgow)
* Brian was kind enough to supply the school with 20 mature Rainbows, some of varying appearance? 14/5/06
Charles Darwin, 1877: The different forms of flowers on plants of the same species. He also looked at "The variation of animals and plants under domestication".

This year we will source stock from Nundle Arc-En-Ciel Rainbow Trout Farm. Sunday 21/5/06

*For more information on Aquaculture suppliers and businesses- NSW Aquaculture Industry Directory Edition 3.1

Monday, May 08, 2006

Yabbies Arrived Safely from Crayhaven via Grafton

NATFISH- Trenayr TAFE have provided Yabbies for our Research, Breeding Program. Students were involved in...
Handle stock, Meet workplace OHS requirements, Feed stock, Apply basic food handling and safety procedures , Carry out basic aquaculture activities
* Packing Stock for Transport, Receiving Stock, Acclimatising (Acclamation), Handling Stock, Feeding