Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Chemicals are our FRIENDS

Our Chrysanthemum crop this year is disappointing... At this stage it looks as though we will not have plants that will be salable for Mothers Day. Flower buds are developing, however plant vigor is unsatisfactory.

Plants, showing signs of stress were susceptible to caterpillar and aphid attack and were sprayed with 'Natural Pyrethrum' today. Plants were also given their 2 week fertiliser with 'Thrive'.


  • Plant out the current Chrysanthemums potted plants with the intention to sell 'cut flowers' in 2007 to recoup funds?
  • Sell Roses as a substitute to enable sales and make profit to cover costs and assist the ARC?

WHAT do you think?

Product Name: Sharp Shooter Natural Pyrethrum Timed Release Insect SprayActive Constituent/s: 1.2 g/L piperonyl butoxide, 0.3 g/L pyrethrinsApplicant Name: Ausgro Technologies Pty LtdApplicant ACN: 062 891 123Summary of Use: Ready to use insecticide for use in the home garden.Date of Registration: 30 October 2001Label Approval No: 53647/1001



Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Filled Tanks 1 & 2 (3300l ea)

In preparation for our 'Trout Season' Tanks 1 & 2 were filled from our rainwater tank. The tank was close to full and rain is predicted???? This leaves us vulnerable if good rain does NOT fall soon! Thanks to Peter, Corey & for their work in the ARC?
At 24C the water is too warm for the introduction of Trout. We are waiting for the water temperature to fall and stay below 18C before the Trout are sourced from Ebor. We are investigating methods to artificially cool the water to extend the total growing season.

Monday, April 10, 2006

ARC Work

'Pinch' growing tip from Chrysanthemums plants
Fertilise and water Chrysanthemums
Begin filling Tank2 (3300l)
Australian Bass Fed well
Added WWW- Wadalba Worm Wee to plant water reservoir