Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Central Coast Express Advocate 16/6/06

Classwork 14/6/06

Yr10 Progress on SC Task 2.
Management Teams- tested pH, Carbonate Hardness and Ammonia levels in Tanks 1-4 & 7.
Adjusted water (by replacement) of Tank 7. (see data results)
Set up Powerhead filter/pump to Tank 7 & re-located heater from Aquarium 1 to Tank 7 in readiness for Yabbie transfer.
Transfered 1 Yabbie as test.

Planted 'out' Chrysanthemums from pots to garden plot.Rainwater Tank FULL!
Yr 9 to continue as above.

* FULL Data of test results will be published shortly
Tank 7
pH 9 Hardness 200 Ammonia OK
* Hardness caused by earlier additive of Bi-Carb, Alkalinity HIGH: Yabbies need calcium for shell production will soften water with exchange.
Exchanged approx 50% of water (200l)
pH 8.5 Hardness 110 Ammonia OK

Tanks 1-4
pH 7.5 Hardness 80 Ammonia OK

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

General Farm Activities 7/6/06

Fed Yabbies- left over apple (usually carrots/peas)
Fed Trout & Australian Bass
Fed Worms (thanks Office Staff- Apple, Tea Bags etc)
Relocated Australian Bass from Tank 5 to join other Australian Bass in Tank 4 (Tank 5 now becomes an additional Reservoir.
Relocated 1 * Yabbie (large) to Aquarium 7 (foyer) to co-exist with small Silver Perch?
Changed over 1/3 of the water in Aquarium 7, cleaned filters and glass (looks great)
Pumped more water from Rainwater Tank to Tank 6 for storage
Completed Proper Washing of Hands Posters/Signs

* Student MUST remember to email their completed jobs to enable logging/tracking- proof of achievement of competency.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rain! -You can bank on it!

According to BOM rainfall at Norah Head 96mm of rain has fallen over the first 6 days of June 2006 compared to .2mm during the first 6 days of June 2005.

Our rainwater tank is FULL SO we are banking water by storing it in the unused 1000l tank, overfilling the sump and backwashing regularly (make hay while the sun shines! - weather 'rains')

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Jobs in the ARC

Feed Stock:
  • Yabbies- Cut Carrots/Peas & Lupins DONE
  • Organise collection day (1day/week) from Primary of lunch leftovers) for Worm Farm/s
Water Quality:
  • Bi-carb Soda Alkalinity Increaser & pH Buffer DONE 14/6/06
  • Increase Pump water transfer (work with Swimart/WaterCo)
  • Aeration/Filter for 'blue' Yabbie Pond DONE 14/6/06
  • Repack Biofilters and improve equal distribution to Biofilter 2
Protect Stock:
  • Net surrounds of Trout Tanks 1/2- pegs, clips DONE 14/6/06
  • Wall hangers for nets DONE 20/7/06
  • Repairs borders of driveway
  • Remove Rubbish from grounds DONE 14/6/06
  • Repair Aquarium/s (cut off old silicon/Clean, re-silicon) DONE 20/7/06
  • Rebuild outdoor 'Worm Farm' DONE 20/7/06
  • Document the assembly/construction of outdoor Worm Farm
  • Plant (potted) Chrysanthemums to garden plot DONE 14/6/06
Manage Fish Stock:
  • Move Bass from Tank 5 to Tank4 DONE 8/6/06